Thanks to Air Transia’s innovative approach to simplifying the Last Mile delivery Process - your comprehensive LMD solution is a few clicks away. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Dedicated Last Mile Service Provider?  

Guarantee your customers' satisfaction with a dedicated and dependable partner to handle your Last Mile Deliveries. 

Consistent rates that won't fluctuate due to market volatility. Our word is our bond, once agreed we will honor our pricing regardless of spikes in freight demand. 

In this novel world of globalized commerce, it is vital to have a partner that can adapt as quickly as you do. Flexibility is key, and we can help navigate changes in capacity demand at a moment's notice. 

Our Solutions

Commercial Deliveries

Any volume, schedule or frequency. Palletized or not.

We can handle it.

Contract Logistics

With tailored solutions to it's customer needs, Grp Trans can help you grow.

Business to Client

We offer a dependable delivery with  knowledgeable crews for any project size and complexity.