First Class Freight Solutions

Dry Goods   

  Dry general freight is the most common type of commodity shipped. Our aim is to facilitate the movement of your dry goods with a degree of excellence unrivaled in the logistics industry. To us delivering top-tier service is standard practice. The Freight we move might be common, but our service is anything but.  


Temperature Controlled   

  No type of shipment demands as much attention to detail as a temperature-controlled commodity. Whether it be produce, seafood, or ice cream- Rest confidently knowing that our meticulous team is on overwatch. You can count on us to actively monitor the status of your temperature sensitive shipments, and through our proactive approach to Reefer load management ensure less claims and more peace of mind.  


Flatbed and Specialized   

  Our flatbed carrier network is equipped to cover your unique freight needs, including over-dimensional, step deck, drop deck, and even flatbed LTL. Not all loads are built equal, and Flatbed/Specialized loads are amongst the most complicated load types to handle. Our team of experts has over 30+ years of combined international logistics experience; no matter if it is a simple or complex freight movement- we're ready for it.